Spelling/Grammar Hang-up

I’d like to blame auto-correct for stunting my spelling skills, but in reality the onus is on me.

I believe the English language should simply be a consistent language like any other. However, unfortunately this is not the case.

Canadian English spelling is slightly different than American English spelling. If I had to admit to struggling with an aspect of English, this would be it.

I do not understand the need for English language spelling variations dependent on the country in which the product is being produced. Writing produced in America is read in Canada and vice versa, therefore I believe the variations are unnecessary and illogical.

Despite auto-correct not always being correct it can be of significant value, but it can also be used as a lazy crutch.

For years, I used Microsoft Word and utilized the auto-correct feature, little did I know I was using the American spelling settings. Not being corrected until college, I tend to naturally use the American version of English spelling.

Since being corrected and educating myself, I do my best to catch and correct these mistakes.

I believe that my work was left uncorrected throughout high school, because both spelling variations are accepted by the average reader.


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