Online Media Kit Analysis

Canada’s Electricity Association has released an online media kit to the public for its “Power for the Future” campaign.

The purpose of this media kit is to inform Canadians about the facts behind sustainability and electricity. Within the downloadable tools are three well-crafted informational documents including an advertorial, a brochure and the company’s vision outline, titled Vision 2050.

Canada’s Electricity Association has provided media professionals with an abundance of information ultimately making the journalists job simpler. The provided information consists of photography, media contacts, electricity headlines, charts, graphs and other valuable resources.

Personally, I enjoy the separation of information throughout the advertorial and the strong element of design is rather eye catching and flows nicely. From the blue and green bolded text to the pricing comparison chart for Ontario, I find the advertorial visually pleasing.

All of the provided documents work in conjunction with one another using the same colours, photos and typography.

In each document is a photograph of power lines against a blue sky. Within the advertorial and brochure, the same photo is used and strategically placed at the top of the document as a header. In the companies vision outline is a very similar photo, with the same concept and it is used as the title page.

Overall, I believe Canada’s Electricity Association has stayed professional and implement creative eye-catching elements, ultimately getting the message out there.


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