Brand Journalism – Red Bull

Brand journalism is a public relations trend and tactic that continues to rise in popularity. It utilizes a style of journalism to tell a company’s story and to give the company value in the eyes of its target audience.

A genius example of brand journalism is when Red Bull, in 2012, partnered up and sponsored Austrian skydiver, Felix Baumgartner and his jump from 39km-high at the edge of space, talk about giving you wings. The campaign titled “Red Bull Stratos,” provided the public with an interactive website, featuring tools such as interactive info graphics, social media data share, a live stream, timeline and a TV documentary, to list a few. Also provided to its audience was a final YouTube video of Baumgartner’s jump.

Getting involved by sponsorship and utilizing all of these tools while entertaining its target audience, was a smart move for Red Bull. The company became both a media brand and a newsmaker by marketing its own daredevil stories.

The skydive event and the campaign received an abundance of news and media coverage from contextual features, TV, news updates and more, ultimately allowing a bounty of public relations coverage.


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