Be PR smart!

In terms of permission marketing with regards to converged digital marketing tactics, email has always been the “killer” Ap.

At 91 percent of email recipients, an astonishing amount of consumers use their email daily. Thus, making this tool a crucial marketing tactic. It is important that the company or organization gain customer permission prior to sending them emails. By allowing fans/customers to opt-in, gives the company permission to send emails based on the fans/customers permission preferences.

Email subject lines have potential to be extraordinarily effective. Stated in “50 email marketing tips and stats for 2014,” published on, 33 per cent of email recipients open emails based on the subject line. This means, time is well spent developing and creating an appealing subject line valuable for marketing emails.

Email marketing can become dangerous when the companies email subscribers deem the emails as spam. Also published in “50 email marketing tips and stats for 2014,” 69 per cent of email recipients report emails as spam based on the subject line alone. Having these emails marked as spam can deter the credibility of the company or organization. There are many tactics that are often used in the business world that help prevent the marketing emails from being deemed as spam. These tactics can easily be researched using a search engine.

Email is a primary worldwide communication medium. With over 1.23 billion Facebook users according, 284 million Twitter users according to and 2.5 billion email users according, it is obvious that email marketing is really worth it.

Overall email, when utilized appropriately and respectively is an effective marketing tactic.


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