Pretend Pitches

Our assignment this week in the public relations program at Loyalist College is to find three local media outlets and create unique pitch ideas for each outlet.

These pitches will be created from the perspective of the United Way of Quinte because this is organization in which I will complete my 140-hour internship.

The first local media outlet I choose to use is the County & Quinte Living magazine publication. My idea for this particular pitch is to feature a local family that has benefited from the initiatives from the United Way of Quinte.

The second media outlet I chose to pitch to is Country Roads magazine. This pitch features a variety of visuals that depict local areas, buildings and people in which have been positively affected by the trusted community partner, the United Way of Quinte. Alongside these visuals is an academically crafted articled that focuses on thanking both, specific and general members of the community who have contributed their time and effort

Lastly, I choose to use the primary local news publication, The Intelligencer. This will consist of charts and graphs that depict the impact in which the United Way has had on the communities surrounding its many locations throughout Ontario. More specifically for the Belleville area, the article will inform the public of key areas within the local community in need of improvement.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and regularly providing unique and valuable story ideas to multiple media channels, gives organizations and businesses a better chance at success. This technique provides opportunities to reach a targeted audience, ultimately providing exposure necessary in the development of any business or organization.


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