My opposing professions

Crossing over to other side of the interview has provided me with what many would consider challenges. However, I see it as opportunities to learn, grow and advance.

Having a background in photojournalism, I have the necessary skills to conduct an effective interview. Currently, enrolled in Loyalist College’s public relations class, I have found that being on the other side of the recorder is a completely different ballgame.

A journalist must thoroughly know their angle, have a good understanding with regards to what they want the subject to portray and be able to guide them. Journalist must ask the right questions and enough questions in order to have a well-rounded story to tell. They cannot hesitate to ask the best, most efficient questions and at the end of the day, it’s all up to the editor.

A public relations professional, has to know the brands key messages inside and out. Regardless of the questions being asked during an interview, those messages need to be loud and clear (strategies such as bridging statements are used to make this happen). Every word that is spoken must be valuable to the brand and must not be perceived the wrong way.

Commonly recognized as two opposing professions, public relation professionals and journalists are both the same and complete opposites. The most substantial similarity is that both professions must confirm with their moral and ethical obligations. Perhaps the largest difference is their desired outcome.


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