The message is key!

Without key messages, what you’re doing is pointless.

We have been learning a lot about the importance of key messaging in the public relations program offered at Loyalist College. This week’s assignment is to find and analyze an example of poor or strong key messaging.

I have decided to analyze the article titled “Petition captures unexpected support” published in the Belleville Intelligencer on February 9th, 2015 and written by Jerome Lessard.

The article has provided pull-quotes from two interviews, allowing a well-rounded story that has been approached from all sides. The prominent key messaging has been used strategically. The primary key message portrayed by the first interviewee, Valeria Strain, is that baited kill-traps should have legal restrictions with regards to being placed near public, multi-purpose trails.

The second interview was with Stirling-Rawdon Police Chief, Dario Cecchin. His primary key message was regarding safety. Keeping your dog on a leash and trappers, understanding and obeying obligations outlined under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.

These messages are prominent and therefore making this strategic key messaging, strong and influential.


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