Paranormal Journalism

Today’s lesson, I’ve been lied to my entire life.

Focusing on ghost writing today, our assignment is to find both an effective and ineffective example of ghost writing and elaborate on what we’ve learnt.

It is said that the author of my favourite childhood books R.L. Stine’s “The Goosebumps series,” overseen a group of ghostwriters, how fitting. As a journalist, being unaware of this is disturbing. I have read a lot of those books in my childhood and never noticed an inconsistency in writing styles. Perhaps that makes this example effective. However, the lack of transparency makes me feel betrayed by an author who I thought I could trust.

Articles, books, newsletters, scripts and lyrics are not the only thing being ghostwritten. An unknown communications company admitted to ghostwriting pharmaceutical studies regarding the effectiveness of Tamiflu! According to the Los Angeles Times this resulted in a lawsuit against Genentech Corp, (the company that holds marketing rights to Tamiflu). Conning the public regarding the matters of health and wellbeing makes this a very ineffective example of ghostwriting.

The entire ghostwriting concept makes very little sense to me. As if there was not enough uncertainty in the world.


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