This is Me

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me!

My mind is always open to everything… Seriously everything! My dreams and goals have always been set high and I am continuously developing more and striving to achieve all. I am my own critic and somewhat of a perfectionist. Online social media and maintaining a respectable reputation are both important to me although, my true passion lies within the animal kingdom, photography, journalism and of course motherhood.

I have set out to raise awareness about our deteriorating natural habitats and the vast amount of inhumane actions humans use towards our wildlife (ex; slaughter-houses, puppy mills, captivity, animal-testing etc.). I love animals and their welfare is important to me.

I will being using this blog to showcase some of my work being photography projects, journalism projects and potentially video and school projects.

I enjoy networking and have many social media accounts. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, or Pinterest etc. Unless I know you or have spoken to you please do not request a friend invite on Facebook, it will not be approved. However, do feel free to ask questions or toss me a line at

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