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Gordon Ramsey is a Scottish celebrity chef and has hosted many television series including Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. He has an abundance of energy and is very enthusiastic about the food and restaurant industry.

Ramsey takes his work very seriously, however he sometimes tends to show a side with a mild sense of humor. He has perfectionism traits and holds high expectations, some would consider him a workaholic.

Ramsey has a short history in Football. Before his chef days he was chosen to play under-14 for the Warwickshire league. Injuries caused Ramsey to bring his football career to a halt.

This makes me assume Ramsey is an athletic enthusiast and immensely passionate about food. He would most likely enjoy marketing with a primary sense of food or sport culture.

He would also likely be attracted to public relation techniques that hold a sense of humor or the polar opposite, a sense of seriousness or even a combination of both.

What I Hope to Take Away

Entering into Loyalist College’s public relations program, I hope to be able to take away a variety of valuable tools and lessons to help me in my future success.

I believe practicing and writing on a regular basis will not only allow my skills to remain strong, but it will also allow my skills to continue developing. I hope to use the program as a way of continuing my writing practices while receiving professional feedback.

I like to believe in myself as an organized person, perhaps I just enjoy the idea of being organized. Organization is something that consistently needs tending to, at least in my situation. During my time in this public relations program I would really like to advance my organization skills allowing them to become more of a habit than a forced routine.

Lastly, event planning, managing and organizing is something I have not had a lot of experience in and would like the opportunity to develop, experience and fine-tune those skills.


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